Architectural Model

CBC Building Project 

Navigate your way around the proposed building with this 3D model
(For instructions, see below. Please note: the model does not work on mobiles)


How to navigate with the online model

1) When you first load the page click the "play" icon in the centre of the screen
2) Then click the house icon (top left, "BIMx Perspective").
3) In the bottom left, an image of the church appears - click on it and wait for the 3D viewer to appear.
4) Use the following keys on your keyboard to navigate

"W" - walk forward; "S" - walk backwards
"A" - pan sideways left; "D" - pan sideways right
Use the arrow keys to look up and down, left and right.

IMPORTANT: You are in "fly" mode, and so can ascend by looking up, and descend by looking down. It's easy to lose control if you mess about with the arrow keys too much! Refresh the page to start again.

Have fun!