Comberton Baptist Church

Building for the future


Although non-conformists had been meeting in Comberton since at least the 1850s, the Union Chapel,(which later was to become CBC) was built in 1868. Since then we have played our part over the intervening years, and grown to be a vibrant and family-oriented church keen to engage  and support our village community

Community Events

CBC hosts many events during the year on a regular or one-off basis.
Our large Trinity room in the church Centre is used weekly by our parents-and-babies group ("Bumps and Babes") with a monthly NHS clinic held in an adjoining room, and also for occasional community lunches. We host a community sewing group and a German language group regularly in the Centre.

As can be seen from the picture, the Trinity room becomes crowded quite easily and so our Phase 1a build would increase the floor area by around 80%, allowing our Bumps and Babes group to grow, as well as facilitating larger events in greater comfort and with improved access for people with limited mobility.

Centre Catering

We like to feed our guests well, and although our kitchen in the church centre squeezes a lot in, it isn't very suitable for larger gatherings. We would like to enhance our catering facilities by adding a more spacious kitchen in the phase 2 build, which would facilitate larger events and reduce the burden on our volunteer caterers!

Our Values

  1. Loving: Jesus commanded us to love God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind and to love our neighbours as ourselves. On the cross Jesus demonstrated what genuine love looks like. We will be motivated in everything by our love for God and we will care for, listen to, and think the best of each other. 
  2. Welcoming: Jesus offered a welcome to everyone - particularly those on the fringes. We will be welcoming to all and will practice hospitality as individuals and as a church.
  3. Missional: Jesus sent his disciples out into the world to make disciples as they shared their experience of Jesus with others. We will ensure our focus is outward and we will reach out to others with the love of God - locally, nationally and internationally.
  4. Servant-hearted: Jesus came to serve and he calls us to be his servants and develop a servant heart. We will commit to discovering and using the gifts that God has given each of us, so that we are all serving where God wants us to be:.
  5. Biblical: Jesus knew how to use the Word of God and it is through its pages that we encounter God and discover this big story that we are now a part of. We will spend time reading the Bible and we put ourselves under God’s authority as revealed through the truths of Scripture.
  6. Spirit-led: Jesus promised his disciples would be filled with the Spirit and without his presence we are nothing. We will welcome the work of the Spirit, and want to see his fruit and gifts in our lives.
  7. Prayerful: Jesus was never too busy to spend time alone with God in prayer. Without God we can do nothing of genuine value. We will be committed to spending time in prayer expectantly waiting for God to speak to us.

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